Cherry Blossoms – Bonn

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Friedensplatz – Bonn
50°44’10.5″N 7°05’51.3″E


2,1 km



Blossom walk in the Bonner Altstadt

City walk through the Altstadt in Bonn, where every spring in April you can admire the truly spectacular blossoms of countless Japanese cherry trees.

Bonn was from 1949 the capital and government seat of the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany). The capital status remained valid until the reunification of Germany, after which Berlin became the capital again. A lot of discussion took place about whether it was necessary for the parliament to move to Berlin. In 1999, the Bundestag and various other government departments moved to Berlin. The Federal Council moved to Berlin in 2000. However, Bonn remains an important workplace to date, about 8,000 of the 18,000 German civil servants are still here and there are also some German ministries with headquarters in Bonn, including Defense and Agriculture.

Bonn has a nice car-free center with a wide choice of nice shops and department stores. All famous brands are represented but also nice boutique shops. In the narrow streets one store follows on the other and between the streets are squares with cozy cafes and terraces.

More information

  • You can park in the Friedensplatz garage. The entrance is near the junction of Oxfordstraße and Florentiusgraben.
  • The best period for a visit is the month of April, when the Japanese cherry trees in the Bonner Altstadt are in full bloom. The current situation of the blossoms (with photos) can be followed during that period on the website

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