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Peace Palace

The Peace Palace is the most photographed building in The Hague. This is where the International Court of Justice, the only judicial body of the United Nations outside of New York, and the Permanent Court of Arbitration sit. But also the prestigious library of the Peace Palace and the Hague Academy for International Law are housed here, where hundreds of law students from all over the world attend courses every year. This beautiful building and the organizations that are located there, make The Hague recognizable worldwide as a city of Peace and Justice.


The Binnenhof is a building complex in the center of The Hague, which for centuries has been the center of Dutch politics. The “Binnenhof”, the “Ridderzaal”, the “Little Tower of the Prime Minister” and the “Hofvijver” lake in The Hague are among the most recognizable places in the Netherlands. Via the famous entrance gate on the historic Binnenhof you step right into the heart of Dutch democracy. The House of Representatives (also called the Second Chamber), the Senate (also called the First Chamber) and the Ministry of General Affairs are now housed in the originally medieval building complex. The Council of Ministers and the Council of State are also meeting there.

Noordeinde Palace

One of the great features of The Hague is Noordeinde Palace, the palace that serves as the King’s work palace. Noordeinde Palace is made available to the head of state by the government, by law, and includes the Royal Stables. In the gardens of Noordeinde Palace, there are also the Royal Archives, managed by the Historical Collections Foundation (Stichting Historische Verzamelingen) of the Royal House of Orange-Nassau.



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